Vodka and Tonic

The now-departed venue, Tonic, was fighting for its survival in 2005, and held a series of benefits.  On this date, we did two shows, with Dredd Foole & MV opening.    Our sets were site-specific: We had Garo Yellin with us on cello and I mostly played the Tonic piano–including imagined Floyd Cramer-style instrumental arrangements of “I Can Hear the Grass Grow” and “Don’t Give It Up Now,” as well as our first airing of Snapper‘s “Gentle Hour.”  Last year, we traversed the mighty East River and made our way to the district of Williamsburg to to take part in another Delocated event, the highlight of our performance being the Soft Boys’ “I Wanna Destroy You” rewritten as “I Wanna Destroy Jon” and sung by Eugene Mirman and Steve Cirbus, in Mirminsky crime family character.