Playin’ the ‘Thon

   WFMU is hard at work, raising money for another year of amazing radio, and we here at Yo La Tengo World Headquarters are doing what we can to help.  And we’re hoping you will too.
          On Saturday March 9, from 3-6 pm EST, Georgia, James, and I, along with our aide-de-amp Bruce Bennett, will humiliate ourselves for the greater good.  Anybody who pledges at least $100 gets to make a song request, and we will do our best to play it.  And if you’ve heard this show before you are well aware that all too frequently our best, to quote Eric Burdon, just ain’t good enough.  This is the 24th year in a row that we’ve done this, and you’d think we’d have it down by now.  Tune in to Todd-o-phonic Todd with his co-host Gaylord Fields at 91.1 FM or 90.1 FM or and find out otherwise.

           A word or two about these requests.  We will not be consulting computers, phones or anything else to help us play these songs, relying strictly on our “wits” and a lifetime of listening to records.  We do not pretend to know every song ever written, and by the end of the afternoon, you’ll be wondering if we in fact know even one.  If you are of a mind to give us a couple of choices, or “any song by _____,” you’ve got a better chance of hearing us try to take your request.  Whether that’s a good thing or not remains to be seen.

           As the show goes by, the requests tend to pile up faster than we can keep track of them, so pledging in advance will increase the odds that we play your song.  Go here and let your fingers do the walking.  When you get the opportunity to leave a comment for the DJ, put in your request.  We swear on a stack of Hit Paraders that the four of us will know nothing of the requests until after the show begins.

            But wait!  One person who pledges at the Mouse of Today level, $360 (payable in the form of $30 a month) will be selected at the end of the program and win the chance to perform a song with us, in private, at a later date.  We’ll figure out the when, where and what in conjunction with you.  And if you pledge $500 ($41 a month), you will automatically receive, among tons of other stuff, an lp of music recorded live on WFMU over the last decade, with cover art by Georgia.  

          One more thing before I let you go.  Among the great dj premiums this year is another installment of Michael Shelley’s Super Hits of the Seventies series, including Yo La Tengo’s version of “Smile a Little Smile for Me.”

Any questions?

Mazel Tov (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)

Thanks again to everybody who participated in our Hanukkah shows, performers and crew and audience alike.  If you were unable to attend, but would like to pretend you did, we’ve got just the thing.  For 24 hours only, we’ll be offering the mixes compiled by Georgia, James and me as downloads, here at  Throw around an observation like, “Thought it was so cool that Georgia put that alternate version of ‘Heart of Stone’ on her mix,” and no one will suspect you were not at the Bowery Ballroom!

In addition, while supplies last, we’re selling some of the actual cd’s left over from Hanukkah, as well as our K-vell jukebox t-shirt, designed by Stephen Hunking.  With Xmas Jeff Lynne’s birthday just around the corner (happy 70th, Jeff!), you’ll want to stock up now.

Sale begins at 1 pm EST/10 am PST on Thursday December 28.  Downloads available until Friday at 1 pm EST.  T-shirts and cd’s available until we run out (could be sooner, could be later).

Thank you mask man

After the outcry to yesterday’s announcement of no Hanukkah diary (admittedly a single email, but written in all caps or maybe it was italics, or possibly neither), I looked for a way to post a News item that would simultaneously respond to popular demand without violating the information blackout I’ve been sworn to uphold.  Through the combined efforts of wardrobe assistant Suzanne Despres and photographer Liz Clayton, I think I’ve found the solution.  No one will ever figure out who performed Wednesday at the Bowery Ballroom on the second night of Hanukkah, thanks to these ingenious disguises.

A little less conversation

With the return of our Hanukkah shows, which began last night at the Bowery Ballroom, we are once again offering no information in advance about who is joining us.  This year, we are adding the innovation of not telling you who else is playing EVEN AFTER IT HAPPENS.  Consequently, there will be no Hanukkah diary this year–sorry folks, it’s out of my hands, band policy.  Believe me, I fought James and Georgia as hard as I could about this.


This is ol’ Buttercup

Satisfied customers of Murder in the Second Degree (hey, it’s possible!) are already familiar with the stellar performance of “Build Me Up Buttercup” delivered by secret weapons Leila Rosenthal and Kelsey White.  Well, it turns out the whole thing was captured on video, and here it is.  Attentive viewers just might be able to surmise where Leila and Kelsey spent their summers.

Here’s a little thing that’s gonna amaze ya

We’re going to Asia in late November/early December.  Details to follow shortly on the Schedule page.  But until then . . .

16010037_p                                                                               Seoul

yola                                                                            Bangkok