L’Angelo Misterioso was already taken

On the eve of 2007, the A-Bones were booked to play at Magnetic Field in Brooklyn, and I offered my services on piano, and schedule permitting I’ve played with them ever since.  In 2008, owners Lee and William decided to padlock the door, and the A-Bones were engaged for one of the last shows, six years ago today.  Yo La Tengo, having had our share of good times there, particularly while mixing I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass at Brooklyn Recording, offered to be the opening act.  We put together a repertoire of appropriate cover songs (the Beach Boys’ “Shut Down,” Slade’s “Gudbuy t’Jane,” the Beach Boys’ “Shut Down, part 2”) and sought a nom d’occasion, settling on the Condo Fucks.   And the rest is alter ego history.