Buddie T.

Having bid goodbye to the Happy Flowers in Atlanta, we arrive in Nashville to play at the Belcourt Theatre with Lambchop, fourteen years ago today. And as happy a memory at that show is, and as much as we cherish our each and every get-together with Lambchop, that’s how bittersweet it is to look at the set list, and remember our friend, Marc “Buddie T.” Trovillion, who died last year, alive and well and dancing along with our goofy “You Can Have It All” routine (with his bandmates C. Scott Chase, Allen Lowrey and Paul Niehaus).  Lambchop members shuttled on and off stage the whole night, and we even convinced Roger Moutenot to play bongos on three songs. Hope opposition research doesn’t find out that current State Senate candidate Mary Mancini (along with husband Kurt Wagner) occupied the Ace Tone chair on “I Heard You Looking.”