Milwaukee tonight

I’m not here to pretend that we had high hopes for our Milwaukee show on this day 25 years ago.   Yes, it was our first time in the city, but it was also Easter Sunday.  As we drove in from Minneapolis, we became aware that we were the only car on the road in which no one was dressed for church, and while that might not literally have been true, maybe it was.  We had a friend who had been in the Weathermen, and he couldn’t make the show because of Easter.   Making matters worse: We were booked at the Odd Rock Cafe, which less than a month earlier had been the site of a GG Allin performance that was still making news (and in fact would continue to for years to come, culminating in his arrest and conviction for disorderly conduct).   So ours was an intimate soiree.  Eleventh Dream Day’s Rick Rizzo made the trip from Chicago, and played guitar on “Halloween” and “Time Fades Away”–mid-set, of course.  There was no encore.