New York City: just like we pictured it

Twenty-nine years ago today, we played our first show in New York, at the legendary t-shirt emporium, CBGB.  We were last on a bill with Boston’s Scruffy the Cat and Dogmatics, and the Droogs from Los Angeles.   All indications to the contrary, this was not the headlining position, but rather the mop-up spot, most of the audience having gone home by then.   Savvy show business veterans despite our scant four months as a band, we knew that would happen, and front-loaded our set to the best of our four-month-old ability.   Two years later, but not necessarily two years wiser, we accept an engagement at the old Tramps off Union Square with our pals, Last Roundup, before checking to see if the Academy Awards are being held that night.  Just our luck, they are, and much like Children of a Lesser God and Hannah and Her Sisters, we are defeated by Platoon.