More songs about buildings and Belock

Our Spanish tour of 2010 ends on this day, in Barcelona.  First encore: more songs for Alex Chilton–“My Baby Just Cares for Me,” “Government Center” and “Thirteen” (“Take Care” during the set).   We jump into our idling limos after a second encore, only to be persuaded to return for one more number.  We choose “My Little Corner of the World,” featuring, as you may know, our soundman Mark Luecke whistling the instrumental break.  And if you in fact don’t know that, the audience at Sala Apolo most certainly do.  Impatient with how long it took for Mark to get to the stage while we vamped on an Eb chord, they whistle the entire chorus en masse.   One year earlier, we played two shows, neither as Yo La Tengo.  In the afternoon, the Condo Fucks recorded a session for Joe Belock’s Three Chord Monte program on WFMU.  Then, sporting the impenetrable disguise of ski masks and the name Bo Ra Flengo, we did three songs at “Jon”‘s Delocated show at the downtown 92Y.  And none of the above provides Justin with his memory of the day:

The first dance at my wedding was “Did I Tell You” (Fakebook version) played by our wedding band Big Fish Ensemble – who were a bunch of friends of ours – who actually warmed up for YLT somewhere in Florida in 1994 (with the Grifters too I believe, sadly I was not there).

Anyway, the wedding was in Atlanta on March 19, 1994.  

(Belated congratulations, Justin, and you’re right, the Grifters were on that show, March 3 in Gainesville.)


SM-My Baby Just Cares For Me