Emulsified on Sunday

“Say something once, why say it again?” suggested David Byrne.  Sage advice, no doubt, but nevertheless I reiterate: Our favorite city to play in Florida was Gainesville (I say “was” because our last show there was in 1996).   We were there for the first time on February 17, 1991, and had a fantastic show at the Hardback Cafe.   Having done one four-song encore, we were brought back to the “stage” (there was no stage), amid numerous requests for “Emulsified.”  Problem was we had played it the night before, and that in itself was rare enough; to perform it on consecutive nights made no sense.  We struck a deal: If someone would sing it with us, we’d play it.  In my memory,  about a dozen people joined in,  probably a sizable percentage of the audience.  Before the evening is over, we did a third and a fourth encore, not to mention taking the photo of Georgia reading the Julie Christie biography that appears in the art work of May I Sing with Me.


scan0001                                                     Gainesville High School yearbook 1968