Memoirs of an opening act

A month-long tour of the Pacific begins on February 18, 2007 in Tokyo, where we open for Clammbon.  One presumes their fans were slightly befuddled when we were invited to bumrush the headliner’s set for our first-ever performance of the lp version of “Today Is the Day.”   A more spontaneous bit of jamming occurred at the Biarritz disco, the unlikely venue for our greater Tampa visit of 1991.  The drummer for Smoldering Ashes, tired of waiting for us to finish before he started loading out, drunkenly and/or obliviously sits in with our quiet encore as he lugs his unpacked chimes out to his car.   What I find most curious about that day is that Georgia and I played six songs on WMNF in the afternoon.  Six songs!  No wonder we didn’t have time for a lunch detour.