Hot tamale

In 1991, we worked up a version of “The Reason Why” by the Wombats.  We played it a few times in the first half of the year, including February 16 in Tallahassee, and then put it in mothballs, pulling it out twice in Cleveland, once when singer Victor Halm was in attendance, and once more when he joined us on stage.  And then out of the blue, one other time, in Brisbane 2010 . . . also on February 16.  I know!  What are the odds, right?   Same date, 2001, we’re still in South America.   Every venue is providing us with amps and drums, but that still leaves a mountain of guitars, etc. to check onto each of our many flights, always preceded by a lengthy negotiation by our promoter Marcos.   Today we land in Santiago, Chile, but some of our equipment is either still in São Paulo or maybe somewhere else entirely.  We borrow stuff from the other band on the bill, Enmascarados de Monterrey, while Marcos attempts to ensure that at the very least our missing gear arrives by the time we have to depart for Montevideo (it does).  It’s the best show of the tour, one of favorite shows ever–at some point someone runs on stage, grabs me, and won’t let go, ripping my shirt.  Hard to believe, but this had never happened before and hasn’t happened since.