That’s what I like about the south

Let’s be honest: Florida can be problematic.  But as we recollect two different visits to the Sunshine State on January 30, never is heard the oftmentioned discouraging word.   1996: James and I enter through the crowd, playing marching band tom-toms, at the Covered Dish in Gainesville.  I believe this is our final appearance in what had been our favorite city to play in Florida, and not only because it was the home of Mama Lo’s.  2007: We find an Ace Tone organ and somehow manage to get Sam Rivers to open for us at the Social in Orlando, all on the same day.

Roughly due south of Florida, Emi and Marian write from Argentina. Due to its length, I’ve posted  their story, in both prose (Marianela) and poetry (Emilio), as links, but these self-described “improvised English” writers made our day.