Two weeks into our 1992 European tour, shoehorned into a van with Seam, I think we’re getting a bit punchy.  How else to explain the encores 22 years ago today, in Stuttgart?  Things start innocently enough, with “Griselda.”  But then James gives me his bass and he plays guitar on the Urinals‘ “Black Hole” (five years before we record it), after which we return to our usual instruments . . . and play it again.  One sprightly rendition of “Let’s Get Rid of New York” later, we depart.  Only to return for yet another Urinals song, me once more flashing my bass chops: “I’m a Bug” (a song from Eleventh Dream Day’s repertoire that the two bands would frequently join forces on in 1991).  James sings “Sloop John B“–its “This is the worst trip I’ve ever been on” sentiment has usually resulted in it being called on the closing night of tours–and that’s that.  But it’s not.  Doing a complete 180, we sing “This Is Where I Belong”  and finally reach the finish line with Georgia’s turn to play guitar, a drumless version of “Drug Test.”  More unusual arrangements of songs can be heard in 2000 at Irving Plaza, as opening act Other Dimensions in Music join us for nearly half our set, including our one and only performance of “Do the Pig.”