I got a Bottom Line on you

The quartet that recorded Fakebook only played thrice, the last of which on this date 24 years ago.  At the time, WFMU’s signal was being threatened, requiring all sorts of fundraising.  A benefit at the Bottom Line was put together, headlined by They Might Be Giants and the Chris Stamey Group.  Georgia, me, Dave Schramm and Al Greller played a short set at both the early and late shows, mostly stuff from the forthcoming Fakebook record, though “I Found a Reason” and “Luxury Liner,” to name two, found their way into the repertoire.  Peter Stampfel was on the bill as well, and he joined us during the first show for “The One to Cry,” just as he did on Fakebook.  Thanks to our efforts, and to our efforts alone, WFMU continues to thrive to this day, although the Bottom Line was not so fortunate, shutting its doors in 2004.