Do the Mr. Freddy

Thirteen years ago today, we made our Taiwan debut at the Formoz Rock festival.  In one of those lost-in-translation moments that we’ve never stopped enjoying, our promoter was known to us as “Mr. Freddy.”  We were one of three western bands on the bill–you probably already guessed that the other two were Megadeth and Biohazard.  That’s a festival t-shirt I continue to wear with pride.  Georgia and I stayed an extra day, and consequently had the responsibility of bringing all of our gear back, checked as overweight baggage.  And I mean ALL: multiple guitars, an Ace Tone, an amp, all in road cases.  We changed planes in San Francisco, where we collected our stuff to recheck it for the flight to Newark and got chewed out by a Customs official.  I was afraid I might have to surrender my Formoz Rock t-shirt as a peace offering, but they settled for an abject apology.  Also in the news is an email from Heather: On July 28th, 2012: Trenton and Heather had their first dance at their wedding to “Our Way to Fall” in Portland, Oregon. 🙂  Thanks for asking!  We hope you come back through town–we’ve seen you every time you’ve played in the last 4 years!