Formed a scant two years before Yo La Tengo, Asia have always lit the path ahead of us, pointing us toward our future.  And yes, their logo mops the floor with ours, and no, there’s no “Heat of the Moment” on our journey, but a beacon is a beacon, and we are devoting much of our time these days reminding ourselves how Geoffrey Downes et al spent their 30th year.  And speaking of Asia, July 29 finds us making return visits to Fuji Rock (2000) and the Formoz Festival (2007).  Last year on this day, after one last ramen breakfast, we flew home from yet another Fuji Rock, enjoying an in-flight double feature of North by Northwest and Horrible Bosses.  (And am I jealous of Asia’s Wikipedia page?  You know it.)


Screen shot 2014-07-29 at 12.30.36 AM