Some wormhearts, unclear how many

1989: A little over a month after we bid our final auf wiederesehn to Stephan Wichnewski, Georgia and I travel to Cambridge, and play with Dredd Foole and 7 or 8 Wormhearts (my notes say 2 or 3 Wormhearts, so either this was a stripped-down lineup or I’m in error–I’m guessing the latter).  We both played electric guitar, and our repertoire was almost entirely new material, mostly instrumental, all of which would be turned into songs over the next year.  Also on this day, we performed at Fuji Rock in Japan on two different occasions over the years.  Particularly memorable was 2003.   James encountered Nick Lowe and Elvis Costello in the dressing room area (he asked for a photo, but Nick Lowe begged off, citing his excessive age) and I had a delightful chat with Steve Winwood.  Best of all, the Sun Ra Arkestra were playing that day as well, so we invited Knoel Scott, Dave Davis and Michael Ray to sit in for most of our set, including the closing “Little Honda” and “Nuclear War.”