No post yesterday, as we couldn’t find any mentions of January 13 in the Yo La Tengo datebook.  Today’s another story.   I have yet to reference Yo La Tengo’s Freewheeling ramble through the south with Kurt Wagner of 2008–January 14’s show was a very enjoyable one in Athens, Georgia; Vanessa Hay was in attendance, and we backed Kurt on “Or Thousands of Prizes.”  Last year, we spent Fade eve with one of favorite writers, Dana Spiotta, at Barnes & Noble.   Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Daniel from Melbourne was turning 21.  He tells us: “My  girlfriend Ilia bought off eBay the ‘Tom Courtenay‘ single with ‘Bisexual Boogie‘ on the b side (along with some ylt poster). Not only was it the best gift ever, but it meant so much because of the thought she put into the gift. I truly ‘lost my bananas’ from excitement.