Ohm my my

It was one year ago today that Fade was released.   We were guests on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, performing “Ohm” with guest drummers Fred Armisen, Kid Millions, and Charlie Sheen.  And Chris from Newtown CT was there too:  “My girlfriend and I entered the lottery to be on the band bench behind Yo La Tengo. A little under 24 hours before the show, I got a call informing me that we had won the tickets. We showed up hours ahead of time out of excitement. Of course, we had already phoned ahead to family and friends to tune in for a brief glimpse of us dancing like goofs behind our favorite band.   I don’t remember much of the show, but I do remember getting ushered from my seat in the audience, walking across the stage, and taking a place directly behind Yo La Tengo. Fred Armisen stopped by to play drums with Georgia. The entire experience felt like a dream.   Later that evening I watched the broadcast and saw the band from the other side. I also saw myself, my girlfriend, and a crew of other Yo La Tengo fans dancing their hearts out behind the band. Then I watched it again, and again, reliving that fabulous night in January with Yo La Tengo on national television.