A fan’s notes

January 12 over the years has found us at various spots in various guises: opening for Beck at Roseland (1997), Freewheeling with Kurt Wagner in Atlanta (2008), headlining the old 9:30 in D.C. (1991), even playing some songs to point the Beauty Love Truth ensemble toward improv comedy (2012).   That’s all well and good.  More to today’s point, recently, we invited people who had date-specific memories of Yo La Tengo to share them with us, and the results have been very touching.  Dave and Lindsey from Dallas wrote to tell us that “the lyrics to ‘Our Way to Fall’ were read at our wedding on January 12, 2008 by our friend Mean Beard, the man who introduced us to YLT!!”   They add that their two daughters “who arrived post Jan 12 2008 are still loyal fans,” which is great news, as we’ll never make it to our 60th anniversary without help from the current generation.