What kind of fool am I?

April Fools’ Day 1992 in Charlottesville, we open with James–in his first show in his home town–singing and playing guitar on the Happy Flowers’ “I’m the Stupid One.”  Is that a holiday selection?  Two years later in St. Louis, we’re definitely playing to the calendar by opening with “Antmusic” and probably by encoring with “Turning Japanese.”   We’re not in a joking mood in Lawrence in 2000.  Should we blame Mark?

While waiting in line at the Bottleneck in Lawrence, Kansas, I shouted, “Hey, the line’s back there!” at some asshole trying to squeeze through the front door out of turn.  Only when the asshole turned her head in response did I realize it was Georgia.  Thankfully Ira didn’t send James out to rough me up—or if he did the basketball game at the bar seemed more compelling to him.

Good thing for you, Mark, that it was the Final Four.  Elite Eight and you’re a dead man!