So far you have seen: As we approach December 2, our 30th anniversary as a band, I am endeavoring to look back each and every day at whatever’s caught my eye about that day in our illustrious history.  We start today’s stroll down memory lane in 1992 in Richmond.  For the third day in a row, we play both a record store and a regular show, the former at Plan 9–can’t remember if this is the day I find a 10¢ copy of the Nervous Eaters’ “Loretta” or if that was another visit.  Encouraged by a friend who shall remain nameless to travel with our own soundman, we are doing just that.  It’s not going well.  The year before, we play the Bluebird in Bloomington, Indiana with Antietam . . . for the first of two times in 1991!   Tim and Tara accompany us to WISU for some promo, where we join forces on an impromptu “I’m a Believer,” and at the superfun nighttime show (only the fourth date in James’s tenure), Tara sits in on “Dreams,” “Orange Song” and “Heroin.”