We have never played indoors on August 13.  In 1986, we split off from Camper Van Beethoven and headlined the old Ziggy’s in Winston-Salem.  This would appear to be the ideal moment for us to meet Phil Morrison, but Georgia tells me we already had been introduced.  Be that as it may, I can recall watching the skies, as the weather was threatening, and our tenuous tour finances depended on this Wednesday night payday.  (As I think I’ve made clear, I rely on years of notes for these reports, but somehow I did not have to consult a calendar to come up with this show being on a Wednesday, only to confirm my recollection.  I wish I could summon up similar reserves of memory to locate the missing disc of my copy of Roots of a Revolution.)  Twenty years later, we were in Saratoga, CA for what appears to have been the one and only Bleeding Edge festival.  Due to a dispute with the community, our stage was abandoned mid-construction, and we performed on a patio, creating a Bobby Fuller Four/Ghost in the Invisible Bikini vibe (although I don’t recall the necessity of insect repellent in the AIP movie).  Great set by Matmos with guest Zeena Parkins.