Sundae in the park with Patti or Sunday in the park with Vince Brnicevic

1988–The trio of Georgia, me and Tony Maimone plays its farewell performance, at Hoboken’s River City Fair.  Also on the bill: Vince Brnicevic’s Air Force.  Rumors throughout the years that Ringo is in attendance have never been confirmed or denied, but the evidence speaks for itself–within 12 months he has inaugurated his All-Starr Band tour.  Seventeen years later, we go on before Patti Smith and her band at the Summer Sundae in Leicester.  Not a particularly memorable set for us, but I pick up a 45 of “This Strange Effect” by Dave Berry and get to watch Tom Verlaine constantly on the move in his on-stage chair, trying to avoid the lights, so the day is far from a total loss.