Throw that thing somewhere else

Another memorable swing state show on this date in 2004, in Knoxville, maybe too memorable.  David Kilgour and Lambchop’s Paul Niehaus, William Tyler and Deanna Varagona are holdovers from the previous night, and we welcome back Sue Garner, in addition to Rick Brown’s lone appearance of the tour.  Nevertheless, we have a rough time making a connection with the audience, and then it gets worse when someone throws a drink at Todd Barry during his first set.  The mood onstage is dark and I stop “Behind That Locked Door” to propose that the audience either shut up or leave, adding that I don’t care which one they choose.  A couple of songs later, we perform a particularly ferocious “From a Motel 6” which morphs into “Point That Thing Somewhere Else,” after which Todd returns, though it never exactly gets back to normal, even for a tour that is almost never “normal.”  Things also not going according to plan in 1990.  Wilbo Wright gets creamed by turnpike traffic and is so late to our in-store at Pier Platters that Georgia and I end up doing it as a duo.  We stick to the script in 2005 at Emo’s in Austin.  Jad Fair opens the show, and joins us for six songs, including local favorite “Fire Engine.”