These are the good times

Georgia and I make the unwise decision to take a tour of the Anchor Brewing Company 19 years ago today, and our show that night at Berkeley Square with Run On is a disaster.  Just looking at the set list, I still cringe.  On the bright side, three of the four pint glasses we acquired not only made it home in one piece, but survive to this day.  More awkwardness at T.T. the Bear in 1992.  I accomplish a personal best by thanking the opening act, the Willows, by two different names, neither of them correct.  Then we bring Steve Michener on stage to perform Big Dipper’s “All Going Out Together,” pulling him away from the final game of the Blue Jays/Braves World Series, having neglected to inform him that our arrangement includes an extended guitar solo.  I’m pretty sure he was offstage in time for the 11th inning, but I couldn’t swear to that.