The President’s analysis

On this day in 2006 we play at the Henry Fonda Theater in–where else?–Hollywood, the last night of our U.S. tour with Why?  Yoni, Josiah and Doug help us out on “I Wanna Be Your Lover.”  One year later, we’re Freewheeling in Alexandria, Virginia, on a bill with the late, great Jack Rose.  I don’t remember why we decided that “I Hate Hate” would make a good next song–a question about Double Dynamite?  the Swing State tour? or perhaps a political number for the Beltway crowd.  In any case, I was all set to fake the lyrics when it occurred to me that the words were on my computer, which was nearby in the dressing room.  We brought someone out of the audience to make sure my screen didn’t go black in the middle of the song.  And speaking of Washington D.C., in 1992, we play at Maxwell’s with Tall Dwarfs and close our set with the first performance of President Yo La Tengo’s “The Evil That Men Do” since 1989 (the long version, that is), and according to my records we haven’t done it since.