The worst show on WFMU

On this the final day of the 2014 WFMU marathon, we both encourage one and all to help bring this year’s fundraiser to a successful conclusion and  recall 1996’s edition.   Georgia, James and I got it into our heads that it would be a good idea to go on Gaylord Fields’s show and, in return for pledges to FMU, attempt to play any song that was asked of us, and somehow convinced Bruce Bennett to join in.   From the moment we desecrated “In the Year 2525,” it was clear we were in over our heads, or were we?  We never entertained the notion that we were capable of fulfilling the requests, we just counted on our failure making for good radio, and inspiring the hoped-for rubberneckers to dig a little deeper.   I wouldn’t say we had fun–win or lose, does a prizefighter have “fun”?–but we were ready to try again the following year.    And every year after that to the present day.  In 2007, Bruce got stranded at South by Southwest, in 2008 Georgia was out of action with the flu, and last year we were in Europe for the whole marathon, none of which kept us from our appointed rounds.  If you’ve ever tuned in, you know there’s no reason to thank us!