Austin America

Spent a week in Texas in 2008, starting on this day, mostly at the South by Southwest hullabaloo.   The festival’s never been our idea of fun, but as jobs go, we’re all for one that makes it possible to be a fly on the wall at a Guitar Wolf soundcheck or catch Swamp Dogg and Dwight Twilley on the same night, to say nothing of being just upwind of Lockhart.  This time, we arrived early for the film festival, since Emily Hubley’s The Toe Tactic (which we scored) was being screened–and played acoustically at a TTT function, with James singing Roky Erickson’s “Right Track Now” for a little local color.  Afterwards, me and my nephew brave the revelry on 6th Street to attend a midnight screening of Shuttle (“one of the lamest and silliest thrillers in many a moon”–Jason Whyte,