Someday my Princeton will come

During our first couple of tours with James, it was common that Georgia and I would sing a quiet song or two by ourselves. For the moment, he was still the fill-in bassist, on loan from Christmas. But the show in Princeton on this day 23 years ago is unique. Playing on the lawn in front of the Terrace eating club on a beautiful spring day, we did a beautiful-spring-day set: a few more covers than at a regular show, and “Mushroom Cloud of Hiss” got the afternoon off. I’m a little fuzzy about the next part–I know there were two other bands on the bill, so it would not be surprising if the schedule was, shall we say, loose. In any case, James had to leave to catch a train back to Providence. Georgia and I ended up performing a second set as a duo. Dangerhouse Records is in heavy rotation: “Let’s Get Rid of New York” is in the first set, “Adult Books” closes the second.