Micky’s Monkees

Growing up, my family was not one of those that ate in front of the tv.  The only exceptions were that my brothers and I were allowed to leave the table early if dinner overlapped with either Batman or The Monkees.  So when we found out that two years ago today, Lambchop would be performing in San Francisco with Mike Nesmith as the opener, we nearly canceled our Freewheeling show in Santa Cruz.  Instead, we played our two sets and then hustled to SF for a post-game get-together.  (And no, we didn’t rush through our Santa Cruz concert.  In fact, I’m a little insulted that you would even ask.  We played three encores, including the Pep Lester classic “Ben Wa Baby.”)  The next year we were in Dallas.  Sadly it just wasn’t feasible to hang out for three weeks for the upcoming Peter Tork show, but we added “The Door Into Summer” to our program to help get the audience psyched.