Science gone too far

Rusty from Alexandria VA reminisces about where he was three years ago today: “I see Yo La Tengo for the 5th time and become the second person to ever spin The Wheel at the 9:30 Club to the tune of 1000 people chanting my name. It seems I’ve lost video evidence, but here’s a photo!”  And in the process, Rusty identifies a design flaw in our spinning wheel.  (Do I need remind you that in 2011 we toured with a wheel, the spin of which would select among eight possible formats our first set of the evening?)  As it turned out, Rusty was not only the second person to spin the wheel,  he was also the second spinner to land on The Sounds of Science Part 2.  Following the show, a team of NASA engineers dismantled and reassembled the wheel, restoring full random integrity in time for our next date in North Carolina.