Jammin’ on the Bowery

Twenty-two years ago today, we’re at CBGB with Chain Gang and Love Child.  Shades of the old CBGB, we play two sets: the first one is quiet and includes the premiere of “A Worrying Thing”; the encore for the loud set is our one and only performance of the Terraplanes’ “Evil Going On.”  Sounds like a full evening of entertainment, does it not?  If you said yes, then you clearly didn’t spend a lot of time at CBGB, who were famous/notorious, call it what you will, for adding one more group to mop up after the headliner.  If the band was lucky, there’d still be a few people in the club when you went on; there surely wouldn’t be by the time you finished (as we learned first-hand when we played the late late show for our 1985 Bowery and Bleecker debut).  And for the most part, that group would never be heard from again, as was the case on this night when the night concluded with an act called . . . let me check my notes . . .  the Dave Matthews Band.