Old friends and new on this date in YLT history.  Our 1986 tour is in the home stretch 28 years ago today in Nashville.  We are at the Exit/In and Flaming Lips are across the street at The End.  A jumping Monday night, yes?  Or no–when the two bands compare notes years later, it turns out that both blame their empty room on the other show.  In our case, our former Hoboken roommate Danny Amis is in the audience, until we bring him up to play “Penetration” which leads to another inter-band controversy.  I’ve always maintained that Danny taking the stage reduced the attendance to zero, and Lambchop’s Kurt Wagner insists he was there.  But I’ll bet he says that to Wayne Coyne, too.  Seven years later, we are in Köln for Popkomm, Germany’s Antwort to South by Southwest, laying the groundwork for the release of Painful.  City Slang chancellor Christof Ellinghaus introduces us to Rob Challice, who becomes our European booking agent, and has remained so for 21 years and counting.