Oslo syndrome

It must be our love of afternoon darkness and autumn snowfall that has led to multiple trips to Scandinavia on this date.  We made our Oslo debut 17 years ago today at the now-defunct So What–had such a good time that we returned for one-offs in both 1998 and 1999–and played at the less-fancy-than-it-sounds Rockefeller last year.  Not as easy to judge the book by its cover in 2009 in Lund, Sweden, as my computer can’t translate the venue name Mejeriet (I’ll assume it’s a type of herring).  Maybe we don’t love the dark as much as I thought, because I must admit that none of the aforementioned is as memorable as our 2006 visit to Brussels.  Among multiple shows happening inside the AB that feature Espers, Edith Frost and many others, we play a long set, second encoring with two Velvet Underground songs and third encoring with “What Can I Say.”


SelldinFairyOnDuckWPussyWillows7571                                                      (Happy Thanksgiving in Norwegian)