Bobby Kinghe’s boswachter

Twenty-seven years ago today, we make our European debut, in Dordrecht, Holland.  That tour, which was both rigorous and exhilarating in the extreme, was an early pivotal moment for the band.  Without it, who knows if we would have found ourselves in Arhus, Denmark 10 years later.  I’m sure the show was fun, but what I recall best is what came afterwards.  Our promoter worked at a cinema, and when I jokingly asked if we could go there post-show, he not jokingly said yes.  Having just finished our eighth concert in nine nights, with long Scandinavian drives between many of them, everyone but me passed on the offer.  So me, the promoter and one of his pals went to the theater, grabbed a beer and had a private screening of Microcosmos.  Sure, I fought to stay awake, but there wasn’t much of a plot, and when my eyes were open I felt like Elvis.  Got back to the hotel and found Georgia watching Yentl on tv with Danish subtitles.  Luckily, I had already seen it in the theater.