October 19, 2012

Hi folks,

First things first. Hanukkah, December 8 – 15, Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ. It’s on. Be there or be somewhere else.

If you’re among the many who have asked about this in recent or not-so-recent times and gotten no response or an evasive response, we apologize. We put off the decision to play this year for way too long.

Tickets will cost $35 and go on sale at noon eastern time on Monday. Last year they sold out extremely quickly, so no dilly-dallying. If you’re new to our Hanukkah shenanigans, it goes something like this:

Each night, Yo La Tengo will perform at Maxwell’s. There will be an opening act and a comedian, and who knows, maybe some other surprise. At this juncture, we don’t have any idea who will be joining us, and we wouldn’t tell you even if we did. The proceeds will go to charity. If you want to know what’s happened in years past, check out the various Hanukkah diaries at yolatengo.com. And rest assured that this year is bound to be completely different.

To get tickets, go here. The link will appear at noon (eastern) Friday, and — I’ll repeat that — tickets will go on sale at noon Monday Oct 22. A limited number of tickets will also be available at Tunes in Hoboken and Other Music in Manhattan.

–Ira, Georgia and James