October 17, 2012

calling Dr. Howard, calling Dr. Fine, calling Dr. Howard . . .

A year ago in June, we told you about a benefit we were playing for our old pal Danny Amis.  We’re happy to tell you that not only is he doing much better, but he’s even back on the road with Los Straitjackets (we’re less thrilled to know we missed him at the Bell House).  And as the presidential election grows near, this excerpt from his web site is particularly germane:

As many of you know, 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Cancer (Multiple Myeloma) forcing me to stop working and touring. I had been denied health insurance so I was caught uninsured at the time. In the nick of time President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law and I was then permitted to buy my own health insurance. Prior to being insured I couldn’t receive the treatment I needed, and the cancer left my spine badly damaged. I certainly would have died without my Obamacare, but instead the cancer is now under control. I’m forever grateful for that.

Welcome back, Daddy-O Grande!

Turning our attention to the world of bicycling, we are sorry to report that due to this weekend’s Love Song of R. Buckminster Fuller shows, we will be unable to take part in this year’s Bike MS ride around Manhattan.  But that won’t stop us from cheering on our team Agoraphone/Other Music and encouraging you to do so too.