More than a feeling

On this day in 1989, we perform at Harvard University.  I don’t remember much about this show, except that we had some friends in the audience, including visiting dignitary Phil Morrison, destined to be a director of such music videos as “Sugarcube,” “Tom Courtenay” and “I’ll Be Around,” but at the time in the employ of our booking agency, the Labor Board.  He spies someone in the audience wearing a t-shirt promoting a Camp Lawton, which just happens to be the namesake of his boss, and works out a trade of some YLT merch for literally the shirt off this guy’s back.  Two years later, we’re in Albany, on a bill with Boston’s Big Dipper, with whom we’d played roughly a half dozen times before.  Original bassist, Steve Michener, whose name may very well re-enter these pages next month, was no longer part of the band; in fact, this was to be drummer Jeff Oliphant’s final show.  I have an awkward recollection of both groups appearing at WCDB at SUNY Albany, of Jeff not being remotely shy about how happy he was to be free, contrasted by Gary Waleik slumped in a chair, not bothering to remove his sunglasses.  Georgia and I sang “Balancing Act” by his first band, Volcano Suns.