Georgia goes to college

Lots of college dates over the years on April 29.  In 1989 it’s but a short drive from Cambridge to Storrs, CT, and a good thing, for it’s pouring rain and our station wagon is missing the passenger-side windshield wiper.  All that remains is a stump wrapped by a t-shirt, which is kinda hilarious, but 100% ineffective.  Also kinda hilarious is the show, held at the UConn field house and attended by slightly less people than a typical Huskies game, despite a bill that includes Otis Day & the Knights.  Without question, the highlight is that we can drive ride up to the stage for an easy–and dry–load-in and especially -out.  Five years later, we travel to SUNY Buffalo with Rick Brown and play as a quartet.  The next year it’s Haverford with Luna.  Don’t remember much about that show, unlike the following year, when we play with Luna again, this time at the Tunnel in NYC, at a party for the opening of I Shot Andy Warhol.   We’re a quintet: Tara Key who you’ll remember from such films as I Shot Andy Warhol , is on hand, as is Hamish Kilgour.  Method actors to the end, our set is comprised entirely of Exploding Plastic Inevitable-esque instrumental freakout, resolving into “Demons,” our song that plays over the movie’s closing credits.