Le Son’y Ra

Two Sun Ra songs, a decade apart . . . On this day in 2007, we play in Paris and it’s très amusant indeed.  Mike Ladd opens the show, and helps out on the encore for “Nuclear War” (he provided a mix to our 2002 Nuclear War ep, comme vous le savez).  Ten years earlier, we’ve traded the Sorbonne for the University of Kansas.  Our tour with David Kilgour continues–tonight in Lawrence he and Hamish join us for “Anything Could Happen” among others.  We open with “Rocket #9” and somehow turn it into a tribute to the recently departed Burgess Meredith.  Keanon remembers it like it was yesterday: Took my father to see YLT in Lawrence, KS on this date. First time I took HIM to a concert, and not vice versa. He loved it. Still talks about the band and that particular show to this day.