It ain’t our fault, pt. 2

Looking over where we’ve been on August 6, I think instead that today I’ll just keep talking about August 5.  In 2007, we played at Lollapalooza.  We could see the Stooges from our stage while we were setting up, but summertime in Chicago got the best of me, and I went where it was air-conditioned.  As soon as our set ended, I poured a bucket of water over my head in an attempt to cool off, and headed for Wrigley Field.  The Mets were in town, brand-spanking-new Hall of Fame inductee Tom Glavine was going for his 300th career victory against the Cubs, and noted sports blogger Gerard Cosloy and I had tickets.  (This might be a little off topic, but I was shocked to see the Mets’ left fielder that evening, Moises Alou, got only six votes for the Hall of Fame–were I submitting a ballot either of these accomplishments would make him worthy.)  I had some trouble negotiating the stands with a cardboard tray holding two beers and two hot dogs, but other than that, a great night on the town.


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