(Far from) the last Metro

We’ve played the Cabaret Metro in Chicago countless times over the years (not technically true–they could be counted, but I am not going to), including twice on this day.  In 1990, our show is amidst a six-day run (but only a five-day run of Georgia’s voice–that’s what we call a teaser).  Seven years later, our tour with David Kilgour stops by, and it’s an especially fun night.  Hamish plays four songs with us during our set, and then he and David come up during the encore to sing their Top 10 hit “Tally Ho!”  Understandably, the audience requests more after that, so Mark Greenberg joins us for “Speeding Motorcycle,” which elicits the response most Mark Greenberg appearances do, and calling for a third encore.  David claims the organ from Mark for his countrymen Dead C’s “Bad Politics,” next it’s Georgia’s turn, as we close the night with an instrumental reprise of our opening number, “What Can I Say.”  (Alright, I counted . . . it’s 12.)