I must be in Hypnolovewheel

Twenty-two years ago today, we performed at the original Nightclub 9:30 in Washington, D.C., sharing the bill for the first time with our pals (and then labelmates) Hypnolovewheel.    We always had mixed feelings about the old 9:30.  We played there often, frequently to an unusually good reception (like the time we got an encore as the Feelies’ opening act).  But its well-earned legendary status cut both ways.  If you were prone to feeling overlooked (and boy were we ever), the collective club could appear to live up to Moe Szyslak‘s self-description of a well-wisher, in that they wished no specific harm.  Sitting in the slightly terrifying basement / dressing room after Hypnolovewheel’s set, we were wondering why we had to wait an hour before we went on.  Correction: We knew that the club wanted to sell drinks, but the more we listened to the dj whose job description did not include appealing to those specifically drawn by the bands, the more we questioned the term “headliner.”  Until a lightbulb went off over someone’s head–why don’t we go on and play a short, acoustic teaser set.  I have a memory of just showing up on stage and making them let us play, but that can’t be right.  We must’ve gotten permission.  (The set: “Alyda,” “The Cone of Silence” and “Scissors.”)