When you get out of the hospital

Day two of our tour with Refrigerator, and Tym was there:  It was the spring of 1996 and I was having bizarre pains in my abdomen.  After a few failed diagnoses, the doctors cut me open and discovered testicular cancer that had metamorphisized to my lungs.  I started chemo treatments in early summer where I would stay in the hospital for 5 straight days and get a heavy dose of chemo, with the other 3 weeks more of an outpatient-type therapy.  This really zapped me of my energy (and of course my hair) and it was mentally and physically challenging.  I don’t know the exact date, but Yo La Tengo played at the Trocadero in Philly that summer and my girlfriend at the time (also a HUGE YLT fan) drove the two of us to the show.  We didn’t stay the entire set since it was very draining on me just to make the trip, but to this day it was the biggest highlight of the summer of ’96, seeing my favorite band on the planet rock out.  I made a full recovery and just this past summer saw YLT play the outdoor stage at the Mann with Belle & Sebastian.  Great show by both bands!!!

Good thing the premiere of “Sugarcube” was third in the set.  Before I go, I also want to mention that on this day in 1985, we played for the first time with Mike Lewis on bass.  Mike would hang around long enough to record Ride the Tiger with us.