We’re a session man (and woman)

In 2000, Ray Davies played at the Jane Street Theater, and we were his backup band for about half of it.  Ray came out to our Jersey City rehearsal space to rehearse, and if the NSA was bugging us, we could really use a copy of those tapes.  In addition to working on a bunch of his new songs, we tried out all sorts of obscure old Kinks numbers, most of which never left the practice room.  Hard to narrow it down to a favorite memory, but here goes: Pretty much the only song we suggested that Ray wouldn’t entertain was “You Shouldn’t Be Sad.”  Undeterred, we started playing it anyway, and Ray eventually joined in, in a self-mocking music hall croon that left us slightly delirious.  Fourteen years ago tonight was the third and final show of the run.


1965_x.2011.74_chamberlain_a                                                        John Chamberlain – Kinks (1965)