On this date in 1985 , we played our second show, once again at Maxwell’s, opening for the Turbines.  We opened with our newest song, “The River of Water,” which would eventually be our first single, and encored (encored?) with Bob Dylan’s “I Threw It All Away,” which would eventually close our President Yo La Tengo lp.  Also on January 4, we performed “Sunsquashed” at a 1992 benefit for Hoboken’s Projected Images (do we know how to fundraise or what?) and played our final German show of 1994 with 18th Dye.  But today’s most compelling sight on memory lane is the 1990 date at the Knitting Factory.  The other act on the bill was Bewitched.  Maybe Bob Bert remembers if this happened during their first set or their second, but at some point, they were joined onstage by a complete stranger who started singing “Everybody loves rock ‘n’ roll.”  Naturally that was the final number of the set, after which the band made their way backstage (i.e. the hall leading to the third floor), where their newest member delivered his post-game analysis: “We was good!”

No post tomorrow, as the only sign of activity I can find in our annals is an off-day drive to Holland, and it’s still way to soon to share that story.