Você pode ter tudo (isso)

Internet free translation sites can’t agree on what I should call it, but Carlos from Guimarães, Portugal writes: The song “you can have it all” opened the dance at my wedding with Sónia on the 6 of June of 2009.  It is a song we both love and that stays with us until today.  Although it is not an original by Yo La Tengo, it is our favourite version.  

Our invitation to the wedding no doubt lost in the mail, we spend the day doing press elsewhere in Europe for our forthcoming I Am Not Afraid of You and I Will Beat Your Ass record.  But “You Can Have It All” turns up as an encore on this date in both 2004 (in Dallas at the Gypsy Tea Room, on tour with Antietam), and 2011 (the spinning wheel tour in Edinburgh).  It’s also the only non-instrumental of our set at the 2001 Vision Festival, at which we’re joined by Sabir Mateen, Daniel Carter, Josh Madell, and the late, great Roy Campbell, Jr.  And as long as I’m on the subject, the 19th Vision Festival begins on June 11 and concludes on the 15th with a tribute to Roy.