Viva Rock Vegas

In 2010, Matador celebrated their 21st anniversary with a three-day blowout in Las Vegas.  In between trips to Lotus of Siam and the Liberace Museum, we were able to find time for a brief performance,  the centerpiece of which was “Nuclear War.”  Reworded as “Matador Records,” James called and Georgia and I responded with every staff member past and present (I know we missed a couple, but not many).  Special guests included Hamish Kilgour on percussion (same as he did 13 years earlier in Charlotte, NC), and Guided by Voice’s Mitch Mitchell on . . . we never did find out what led him to wander on stage during our set.

Before we go, let’s wish a happy anniversary to David G., who writes:  My wife and I are huge fans. Or actually, she was a huge fan who more or less changed my life by forcing me to listen to I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One start to finish in 2004 shortly after we first met. There was no turning back.  So . . . on October 3, 2009, we got hitched.  The processional music for walking down the aisle was “Our Way to Fall.”  And then, when she appeared to walk down the aisle solo, it shifted to “Return to Hot Chicken.”