There’s a riot goin’ on

Following our Toronto show, we had an off day to drive home, after which we were to play with Hypnolovewheel at the Knitting Factory on this day in 1992.  It was an eerie trip as we followed the reaction to the Rodney King verdict on the radio, not knowing what we’d find when we got back to New York.  We didn’t think it possible to ignore what was going on around us, so we opened our first set with “(You Caught Me) Smilin'” and our second set with some improvised attempt to convey fear, confusion and anger, though I suspect we mostly communicated confusion.  Hopefully the mood was lighter, though probably no less confused, at a Wellesley College matinee in 1998 when we invited our nine-year-old nephew to take a Farfisa solo on “Emulsified,” no prior training required.  Making our way to northern California, we spent a delightful day in Sonoma County in 2012, playing an afternoon set at The Last Record Store and Freewheeling in the evening in Petaluma.  Last/not least: Electr-o-pura released on May 2, 1995.


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