The last set at Newport

After the closing of Sudsy Malone’s in Cincinnati, we took our business across the Ohio River to the Southgate House in Newport KY, located just a few outfield sprints from the Reds’ ballpark.  (Even so, we never made it to a game, though we did stroll Pete Rose Way on a few occasions.)  A business dispute among ownership shuttered the original location–the winning faction, proprietors of the nearby Brass Ass, changed the name, and the losers opened Southgate House Revival elsewhere.  We played there for the last time on this date in 2010.  Powering through the distraction of some luggage left behind at our South Bend hotel after opening for Wilco there, life and death were on our minds.  The recently departed Ben Keith was saluted with “For the Turnstiles”; we were still paying tribute to Alex Chilton with “Windows Hotel”; and we celebrated Gary Lewis’s 64th birthday (making him 68 today!) with “Count Me In.”